Extrusion of standard aluminum profiles

Portfolio Description

Aluminum standard and customer-specific drawing profiles manufactured by us according to your specifications guarantee a precise, uniform and safe manufacturing result. In addition, we can also offer surface finishing for these profiles in order to provide you with a suitable end product.

Powder coating, anodizing and foiling

The pre-treatment of the aluminum profile for the anodizing process corresponds to the DIN 17611 standard. From the color fan according to Qualanod (EURAS) you can choose from natural tones to black.

The profiles are powder coated according to the Qualicoat regulations. This guarantees a high quality of the powder coating and thus a long durability of the profiles. You can choose from various RAL code colours, metal and special colours.

Mechanical resistance

Our profile products have a high mechanical resistance, so they can easily be adapted to your individual requirements. The profiles can be deformed at higher temperatures without affecting their strength or quality. Depending on the requirements and area of ​​application, different alloys are used, such as EN AW 6060, EN AW 6063, EN AW 6005 A, EN AW 6082 and EN AW 6463

machining process

Our company offers a wide range of mechanical processing. We can do everything from punching and punching to bending and CNC machining. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can also carry out welding work on aluminum profiles.

All our work processes are carried out according to the highest quality standards and in compliance with all safety guidelines. With our professional manufacturing team and the latest technology, we guarantee a high quality product that meets your needs.

Packing & Transportation

By default, long profiles are packed on one-way pallets, small parts on Euro pallets. Cardboard packaging with a barcode or label is possible. The individual packaging of the profiles makes your work easier and ensures safe transport.

Thanks to our advanced technology and many years of experience in the field of aluminum profiles, we can provide you with high quality products that offer you the highest level of reliability and performance; from production to your company.